Track, manage and comply your enterprise fixed assets across group companies or individual branches along with asset verification. With web based, mobile friendly and cloud ready Tracet solution address your fixed asset management difficulties.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Use barcode, QR Code, RFID or Tracet interface to track assets assigned to users across units, locations, branches or projects efficiently.

Fixed Asset Management

With Tracet manage assets optimally; Assign-Transfer-Retire, Maintain-Service,
Warranties-Insurances, Licenses-Documentation.

Fixed Asset Compliance

In Tracet every compliance is a book with rules and reporting formats. Tracet by default comes with Companies Act 2013 & Income Tax Act books.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Tracet – A comprehensive Asset Tracking System effectively tracks all the fixed assets within your organization. Gain complete control over your organization’s assets by knowing the exact asset location, asset custodian, and track asset movement. Tracet Asset Tracking Software is ideal for any organization looking to streamline their asset inventory processes using the Barcode and/or RFID technology.

Fixed Asset Management

Tracet, the next-gen Fixed Asset Management Solution provides users with an easy-to-use interface thereby enabling users to maintain and control end-to-end asset lifecycle for both depreciating and non-depreciating assets, right from creation to depreciation, to revaluation and disposal.

Tracet supports extensive asset management, including maintenance schedules and insurance, while providing tight accounting integration so that the fixed asset information of the users is always presented accurately on the financial statements.

Tracet Variants

To ensure we are at pace with your growing organization, Tracet is made scalable to add Companies, Branches, Locations, Users and Assets as per your preference and requirement.

In order to suit the fixed asset management needs any small, medium or large enterprise, Tracet is offered as per the following 3 editions:

Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Companies 1 3 5
Users 1 3 10
Income tax Act Book
Companies Act 2013 Book
Data Import / Export
Multi Company
Multi User
Work Flow
Group level consolidated reports
Branch wise depreciation reports
Custom Books
Capital Work In Progress (CWIP)
Consumables Management Add on
Maintenance Management Add on
Integration – Active Directory Available
Integration – Source System Available
Tracet Android Application X Add on Available
Price Ask us For Price

Benefits of using Tracet

Tracet, Fixed Asset Management solution provides better control over fixed assets. Helps eliminate error prone manual spreadsheets. Remove missing / unused assets from your books and ensure proper tax depreciation by knowing all the assets on your books using the Tracet audit functions.

  • Tracet comes with integrated barcode labeling technology which makes it easy to design your own asset tags
  • Get access to the necessary information needed for managing your organization assets and thereby increase efficiency
  • Receive notification of overdue checkouts, expiring warranties, schedule maintenance, certification/calibration, and more
  • Quickly conduct audits on any handheld device using Barcode/ RFID scanner to ensure 100% asset compliance
  • Automate check-in and check-out of assets to employees, vendors, or customers to ensure no assets get misplaced
  • Effectively record scheduled or unscheduled maintenance entries and help keep full maintenance history of your assets
  • Track assets by site, location, serial number, users

Tracet is an Enterprise grade Fixed Asset Management Software which simplifies managing and tracking your organizations’ assets.

  • Available On Cloud and On Premise
  • Highly scalable and Configurable
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Quick implementation
  • Exclusive physical verification of assets
  • Cost-effective

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