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We understand the power you will have when you can build solutions to suit to your unique business needs, exactly the way you want. Every feature of Tally.ERP 9 can be customised, extended and integrated to great lengths to help you achieve higher efficiencies by precisely addressing your needs. Consider a simple example below to understand how the Sales feature in Tally.ERP 9 can be customised, integrated or extended to address a particular business need.

We bring rapid solutions to your business

Tally Customization

Enhance your Tally.ERP 9 Product with new invoice design,Adding new data fields, MIS Reports, Processes and new functionalities.

Vertical Solutions

Several industry specific solutions have been developed and same can be extended to you
& further customized based on your needs

Tally Integration

Integrate Tally.ERP 9 with any software in the world – Excel, Web Sites, POS Software, eCommerce Websites, mobiles,SAP,Oracle, and any other ERPs.

Ready Built in Addons

We have created a set of very useful ready to use Tally add-ons which are not part of standard features of Tally ERP 9 and very useful in day to day life of your business.


Every growing business definitely has an aspiration to reach newer heights, but it means

  • ensuring that there is tight cross-functional integration, and absolutely no space for information lag
  • connecting with an extended enterprise which is beyond the realms of existing business systems.

It is inevitable to have the right software and solutions to help you connect all the function areas & which extends beyond your enterprise to your customers, Suppliers, banks etc.. Therefore, how many solutions can you invest in? Will the solutions really address your business needs the way you want them to? But, understandably you are putting off acquiring an big named ERP solution, because it is an expensive proposition, not only because of the cost involved, but also the extremely long time it takes to deploy. A Solution based on Tally.erp 9 framework on the other hand, is the perfect choice. It’s powerful, can be rapidly implemented. And fortunately it is extremely cost-effective. Consider one or all of the following options mentioned below to understand how Tally.ERP 9 can be extended to address a particular business need.

The default product features available in Tally.ERP 9 have been carefully chosen to cater to the most common and generally needed business needs. Over 90% of our customers have 100% of their needs fully met out-of-the-box.

The deceptively simple experience with Tally.ERP 9 hides behind it the extreme versatility its technology makes available to those desiring to add or modify it to suit their specific requirements. The following examples are an illustration of this versatility:


  • Print outs that requires specific columns, notes, page size; to fit pre-printed stationery
  • Documents with logos, specific formats, terms and conditions
  • Additional fields to capture specific information
  • Specific security rules
  • Synchronisation with special data transformations (Purchase Order > Sales Order)


  • Add a completely new functionality – business processes and operations
  • Add extensions within Tally.ERP 9 or externally and bridge
  • Extend to the web and mobile devices, including SMS notifications


  • With your employee attendance system
  • With other applications, where Tally.ERP 9 delivers the accounting, financial & statutory capabilities
  • With Shoper 9 Head Office for Tally.ERP 9 at retail points
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