TALLY.XPACK – Delivering the best solution to your business

With the vast experience in Tally.ERP 9 development technology , we are proudly announcing the Tally.XPACK , an add-on module of Tally, which provides more than 125+ features that are commonly needed for all sort of business organizations.

Tally.XPACK is more than just an add-on, Primarily containing

    • Audit Management
    • Work Flow Management
    • Statutory Management
    • Advanced Voucher Number Management
    • Manufacturing Management
    • Banking Management
    • Inventory Management
    • General Features
    • General Reports Management
    • Alerts & Control Management
    • Office Productivity Management
    • Outstanding Management
    • Security Management
    • Invoice & Voucher Configuration Management

  • Track Voucher Alteration History
  • Minimum characters for reason
  • Master Tracking Management
  • Minimum characters for reason

  • Voucher Approval Process
  • Lock Audited Transactions
    • For All Users
    • For Specific User

  • Enable Customer/Supplier Banking Details
  • Auto Fill Banking Details in Narration
    • Override Narration in Alteration

  • Raw Material Report

  • Multi Line Description in Stock Item master
  • Autofill Customers Last Billed Rate in SO/DC/Invoice
  • Enable Stock Group Item Filter
  • Enable Free Quantity Feature(general Reports)
  • Show last sale Details in Sales Invoice
  • Show Last Purc./Avg Cost Details in Invoice
  • Hide amount and Rate
    • For All Users
    • For Specific User

  • Transaction Date as System Date
  • Increase input field Width in Masters/Transactions
  • Enable Font Change Module
  • Unwanted Ledger Deletion
  • Unwanted Group Deletion
  • Unwanted Stock Item Deletion
  • Unwanted Stock Group Deletion

  • Multiple Contact Person Details
  • Contact Management Report or Address Book
  • Enable Stock Group Item Filter
    Document Management System
  • Capture Employee Images
  • Capture Stock Item Images

  • Group Bill Outstanding
  • Show Bills Outstanding Report in Invoice or Voucher Entry Screen
  • Bill Due Date Filter in Outstanding Reports
  • Order Number and Date in Outstanding Report
  • Disable OnAccount Transactions
    • For All Users
    • For Specific User

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